Sigs in the Summer

When summertime arrives, the lovely ladies of Signature A Cappella remain nonstop! Check out the incredibly cool and diverse adventures of the “Sigs in the Summer!”

Katie Bezhadi spent most of her summer traveling Europe with her brother and fellow sig, Katie Booth. Although there were enough travel mishaps to make The Three Stooges seem organized, the Katies & company still had an amazing time getting lost in the architecture of Barcelona, floating down the Seine in Paris, and eating enough pizza in Rome to feed an army. After getting Miss Booth settled into her study abroad program in Italy, Katie returned home to Los Angles. She spent the rest of her summer preparing to take the GRE, applying to Ph.D programs, writing new music, and filming a YouTube video or two! 

Katie Booth is currently studying abroad in Rome, Italy, and this summer was all in preparation for her big move! She is currently studying the Italian language as well as art history at UC Center Rome. So far the experience has been an amazing one and she hopes to eventually come back to Italy for a longer stint! Since this is Katie’s fourth year at UCLA, she will be finishing her degree when she returns home in December. Even though Katie is far away from her Signature sisters, she has been singing everyday and staying in touch as much as possible. Signature really is the most important part of her UCLA experience.

This was Marjan’s first summer in LA as she is originally from Seattle! She spent her summer working for a non-profit organization in downtown Los Angeles.  Marjan worked as a community organizer on a social justice campaign working to help foster support around the unionization of Hyatt Hotel workers and the establishment of fair contracts between workers and cooperate executives. She spent my time going to countless meetings, press conferences, and participating in protests all over Los Angeles.  Here’s a picture of Marj working as a monitor at a protest in front of the Century Plaza Hotel in West LA.

Sam took advantage of her laziness to be uncharacteristically unproductive this summer… but she enjoyed taking a break and having adventures with her closest friends and family, such as trips to Catalina, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and of course Disneyland. However, the highlight of Sam’s summer was a trip up to Santa Cruz with some of her favorite ladies and fellow Siggies to celebrate and perform at the beautiful wedding of one of Signature’s alumni, Mrs. Kelly Randall! Here’s a photo of Sam with alumni Megan Siniscalchi on that unforgettable day!

After shaving her head, Gwenna visited Kauai with her family, spent time at home in NorCal, and went on a backpacking trip down California’s Lost Coast in the gorgeous redwoods. She spent nearly a month in the woods of upstate New York volunteering for the SYDA Foundation and then finished the summer by performing at open mic nights at the Starry Plough in Berkeley with her band This & The Other Thing.

Jessica spent a wonderful summer in Europe, singing in Puccini’s opera “Gianni Schicchi” with a professional orchestra in Viterbo, Italy (and eating a LOT of pizza!) and later visiting family in France. She returned to the US and worked as a PR Intern at a tech company in the Bay Area, and attended Signature alum Kelly’s beautiful wedding!

It was a big travel summer for Shani, and after all of the flights she’s been on, she could recite the airplane safety speech as well as any flight attendant. After a brief trip to Tahoe to kick off the summer, she traveled about half way around the world to Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked for a month as an intern for an awesome tutoring company called Teach Me 2. She really enjoyed the job but also got to play tourist on the weekends and explored that amazing country. Most recently, Shani returned from an adventure-packed family vacation to Costa Rica where she had epic amounts of fun zip lining, rafting, rappelling through waterfalls, surfing and more! This is a picture from one of her days adventuring around Cape Town!

Tasha had an incredible summer! She worked in the Los Angeles County Internship Program, getting to serve as the Event Production Intern for a symphony. Tasha had a blast getting to work at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ford Amphitheatre. While not at work, Tasha focused on her two summer goals: running and reading! She is so beyond excited to come back to school, but most ecstatic to reunite with the lovely ladies Signature A Cappella.

Ari spent her summer chasing her dream of earning a degree in Veterinary Medicine by working in a veterinary clinic. She learned to perform various tests on samples from her patients, give shots, properly restrain animals, run a kennel, and much more. The hours were long and intense, but she now knows more than ever that helping animals is exactly what she wants to do with her life! She also spent a week in Southern Utah visiting her grandparents, which is always an adventure. Here’s a picture taken when Ari’s family hiked the Hidden Canyon trail in Zion National Park.

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