Spring Recap + Goodbye, Seniors!

Where to begin? Spring 2015 was one of the busiest, craziest and best quarters in Signature history! With our four beautiful seniors Mish, Amanda, Shani and Christina graduating today, it seems fitting to recap our incredible past three months together with a few highlights.

-SPRING SING! From the minute we found out we would be performing in the show, Spring Sing took over our lives in the best way possible. Countless hours spent rehearsing in the parking lot finally paid off on May 16 when we got to #rockpauley. Performing in front of 9000 screaming people (shoutout to Clayton Snyder for being a fan!), not to mention taking home the award for Best A Cappella performance, was truly an unforgettable experience for us to share.

-We had the opportunity to arrange and record a track and shoot a video for Covergirl! A few of our girls spent a day hanging out on the beach with Alli Simpson to create her music video, which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW54BycytMk

-For our final concert’s theme, we settled on one of our worst puns: Wignature! We looked terrible but had an amazing time singing our year’s rep and crying at Yogurtland with our alums after the show.

We were also fortunate enough to perform at amazing gigs including Emerson Middle School’s A Cappella Jam, Carlmont’s Musical Exchange, Dance Marathon and so many more.

Most importantly, the excessive amount of time we spent together at gigs, rehearsals, retreats (shoutout to Lauren for the free burritos!) and Sigpartment made this quarter, not to mention this entire year, so, so, SO special (sorry not sorry for getting sentimental on you all).

Seniors: We miss you already and we can’t wait for you to be in the front row alumni section at our next concert.

Current Sigs: Get stoked for another incredible year.

Future Sigs: See you at auditions in the fall!


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