We are so excited to welcome new Sigs in the fall of 2020!  If you have any questions or concerns about the audition process, feel free to email our director Chloe Winnett at Look out for more detailed info about auditions in a few months, but for now here are the basics!

The Audition

For your audition, you will need to prepare 30 seconds of a song of your choice. Choose a song that best shows off your vocal talent and gives us a taste of your personality! We will be able to play a starting note if you need one. After your solo, we will ask you to sing a short collection of random notes (either tonal memory or sight reading—you choose!). We may also have you sing some scales in order to determine your vocal range. Finally, the four or five Sigs in the room with you may ask you a few additional questions if your Audition Form left anything unclear. The whole thing will take no longer than 5 minutes and we assure you that the audition is absolutely nothing to stress about. Just bring a smile and confidence and show us what you’ve got! We can’t wait to meet you!