Exciting Announcement! A LITTLE LOUDER is officially released

The ladies of Signature A Cappella are ecstatic to officially announce the release of our second album, A Little Louder. This project is very special to us, as it has been years in the making and showcases voices from many generations of Sig. The hours we have spent as a group arranging, rehearsing, recording and designing have finally come to fruition with the release of A Little Louder and we could not be more thrilled. 

So many people helped us along the way and we recognize that this could never have been possible without their generous donations of time and money. To the brilliant music minds who worked with us in the studio: thank you for teaching us how to take our sound to the next level. To our everyone who helped us finance this project: you made this dream of preserving our music a reality. And last but not least, to our friends, family and UCLA community: thank you for endlessly supporting us as we continue to do what we love!

We are so proud of our final product and cannot wait to share it! To see the track listing and order your copy of A Little Louder today, click here. Thank you for your interest and support! 

Signature A Cappella


Signature A Cappella Joins Kickstarter!

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Check out our page at: https://signatureacappella.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

What are we doing?

After the success of our debut album “Take Flight,” released in October of 2010, we want to complete and release a second album in hopes that it will but just as successful. “Take Flight” was named one of the top ten female collegiate albums released in 2010 by the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA). The track “Ain’t No Other Man” was nominated for a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) for “Best Female Collegiate Soloist” and “Party in the USA” was selected to be featured on the Voices Only 2011 collegiate a cappella compilation.

Our hope is to produce a second album that will showcase all of the hard work we have put in to new arrangements over the past two years. The new album will feature a cohesive selection of songs that speak to who we are as a group. Sounds great right? One problem. Producing an album with high-quality recordings can be very expensive (“Take Flight” cost us over $10,000). This is where YOU come in!

How can you help?

Even with recording in apartment living rooms and using as many of our UCLA connections as possible, we are still college students creating something entirely on our own. We have already got the ball rolling by using the money we made from paid gigs and fundraising last year to finish a few of our tracks! With your generous donation we will be that much closer to sharing our finished product with you!

Your money will go toward: equipment use, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, song licensing/rights, printing and producing physical copies of the CD.

Your support means the world to us! Thank you so much for stopping by.


The ladies of Signature A Cappella

Take Flight… on Voices Only 2011 & RARB!

Hello Signature fans!




Signature is excited to announce that our track “Party in the USA” has been selected to be showcased on the newly-released Voices Only 2011 compilation! This album features the very best recorded music of collegiate a cappella and we’re honored that one of our favorite tracks from “Take Flight” is featured alongside tracks from such experienced and talented collegiate groups. A special shout-out to our fellow UCLA a cappella groups, Scattertones & Bruin Harmony, who are also featured on the album — go Bruins! You can purchase our track — or the entire compilation! — through the iTunes online store. For more information about the album as well as a full track listing and sound clips, check at the Voices Only website by clicking HERE.


Some of the Siggies enjoying a BBQ at the Summer Reunion!


In further news, “Take Flight” was also recently reviewed by RARB (Recorded A Cappella Review Board), receiving helpful advice as well as raving reviews from the a cappella judges. It is so rewarding for the hours and hard work we put into creating our first album to be recognized and enjoyed by others, and our positive experience with “Take Flight” has inspired Signature to make recording a tradition for our group. We have already been hard at work tracking new songs for our future album, expected release in 2013. Here are some of our favorite quotes — thank you so much to the RARB judges for their positive feedback!:

“The track that really sold me on the potential for Signature A Cappella’s recording adventures was Heart of the Matter What kick, what drive, what emotion! The soloist is so heartfelt that you feel like raising up an “Amen, sister!” at the song’s conclusion. Even Party in the U.S.A. was a good listen, proving that a group doesn’t have to slap all the lighthearted fun out of its lineup to be successful.”

–Kimmie Raschka Sailor

“The group demonstrates comfort and ability in many styles, which is impressive.”
–Robert Dietz
“There is quite a bit of arranging talent in this group.” —Michael Marcus
“Starting a new a cappella group on a campus with an established scene is not easy, and actually putting out an album with said group can be nearly impossible. I must therefore tip my hat to the ladies of UCLA Signature A Cappella for the successful completion and release of a fine debut album.” –Michael Marcus
“We may well be looking at the next big thing in female collegiate a cappella” –Robert Dietz
“Looking forward to the next round, ladies.” –Kimmie Raschka Sailor
Hiking to the Hollywood sign!


This summer, Signature has also enjoyed spending as much time together as possible! In July, members got together for a Signature reunion in Westwood for a weekend full of the usual… food, singing, and love. Siggies in the Los Angeles area have spent the summer exploring the city together — from biking by the beach to attending a midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, visiting Griffith Observatory and hiking to the Hollywood sign, and… yes… watching The Bachelorette together (guilty pleasure!) Signature is soaking up every last moment of summertime.


Still going strong in the summertime... rocking our new Signature totes while biking on the beach!

Stay tuned for more updates on Signature in the upcoming 2011-2012 school year & see you in the Fall!

2010-2011… A School Year to Remember!

Hello Signature fans!


Spring Quarter came and went in a blur! Although we’re sad to see it end, the 2011-2012 school year has brought so many amazing things for Signature… from retreats and festivals to recording and end-of-the-year concerts, this quarter was the perfect capstone to Signature’s best year yet! Here are some of the highlights:


Thanks to the amazing Leibovitch family we spent our Spring retreat poolside at their Northridge home. We loved our time there and spent most of it relaxing (by the pool!) and singing!


Out to dinner!

Musically, Signature began recording our second CD! we are so excited to embark on another recording project to be released in Spring of 2013! Signature had the opportunity to perform in countless gigs this quarter, on as well as off campus! Spring Quarter also brings some of our favorite annual gigs, including: CAF (California A Cappella Festival) at UCLA, CAFE (Coolest A Cappella Festival Ever) at UC Irvine, SOLTrain at CSU Northridge, and A Cappella Night at Calabasas High School. We loved getting the chance to perform in different venues and audiences and to get to know other talented a cappella groups!

Before performing a set for CAF, hosted at UCLA by Random Voices A Cappella.
After performing at CSUN Acasola's annual SOLTrain!
Our sisters at Calabasas High School -- Bare Rhythm A Cappella!


We were also thankful to have so many friends and family members at Signature’s last performance of the year, our Spring Concert. Our concert was super hero themed with costumes galore, entitled “Here to Save the World: Super Sigs!” We were accompanied by openers Michelle & Rus and Bare Rhythm A Cappella and our own Josephine Lyons created some hysterical concert videos that you can view on the righthand side of the screen! It was an amazing capstone to our year, as we recognized our “super fans,” up and coming arrangers, beatboxers, and leaders, as well as graduating Signature seniors. Thank you to those who came and supported us during this special performance!


Performing one of our favorite songs, "And So It Goes."
Laura and Elise C rock out to their duet on "Animal!"
Singing our Michael Jackson medley!
After the concert... Signature love, 2010-2011


Signature’s Spring Concert also marked the last performance for six of our senior members, four of which have been members since Signature’s inception: Brinda Ayer, Kelly Cory, Juliane Godfrey, Elise Shulman, Megan Siniscalchi and Laura Zdrowski. Although these graduating seniors are going into very different fields and future paths — from accounting to nursing to law, musical theater in New York or fighting for the environment in Washington D.C. — they will always be Siggies at heart!


Signature's graduating seniors (from left to right): Brinda, Elise S, Kelly, Megan, Juliane, & Laura

Even more memorable than the gigs or recording is the amazing memories and friendships we have made through Signature A Cappella this year. Our love for each other is what makes us the group that we are — and we know this love will only continue to grow! Here’s to 2010-2011, and hope for an even more amazing 2011-2012!

Some amazing newbs!

Who needs a date for Valentine's Day? Signature dinner at C&O's Restaurant on Feb 14!


Happy Summer from Signature! See you next Fall!

“Take Flight” Makes Top 10!

Hello all!


Celebrating at the Stinking Rose for our end of the quarter dinner!


Signature was so excited to hear the news that CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society of America) has named “Take Flight” one of the top ten female collegiate albums released in 2010! We are so honored to be recognized alongside such talented groups! For the full list, follow this link to CASA’s website: HERE. For more information on how you can purchase Signature’s album “Take Flight,” check out our Album page!


Signature A Cappella's very first album... "Take Flight!"


Signature is also so proud of our members who participated in UCLA’s Dance Marathon, a fundraiser for pediatric AIDS. Our girls fundraised money and danced for 26 hours to raise awareness and funds for cancer research! Our Sigs rock!


Our amazing dancers! GO TEAM SIGNATURE!


Signature finished up Winter quarter with a bang with our Winter concert in Popper Theater. We had so much fun performing our repertoire for our friends and family…thank you so much to those who came and supported us!


Between preparing for UCLA’s Spring Sing, beginning the recording process for our next album, and performing at festivals and concerts on and off campus, Signature has a lot of exciting events coming up during Spring quarter — and we hope to see you there!

CARA Nomination for “Take Flight!”

Hello everyone!


Jessica Nicolet ('13)




Exciting news: Our new album “Take Flight,” has been nominated for a CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award)! Our own Jessica Nicolet has been nominated for “Best Female Collegiate Solo” for our track “Ain’t No Other Man.”



We are so honored and excited to have been nominated for a CARA Award!  For more information on “Take Flight” please visit our Album page.

Stocking Stuffer Deal on Signature’s “Take Flight”

Hello everyone and season’s greetings!


Happy Holidays from Signature A Cappella!


To make the holiday season extra bright, Signature A Cappella is having a “stocking stuffer” deal on our newest album, “Take Flight,” until January 1. Special prices are as follows:


Students: Buy 1 album (at $15) and get your second purchase half off ($7)

Regular: Buy 2 albums (at $20 each) and get 1 free



“Take Flight” makes the perfect gift for family, friends, and any music-lovers on your shopping list. Make sure to take advantage of this great deal and place your order before January 1st to spread Siggy love during the month of December! Visit our Album page for ordering details. And as always, thank you so much for your support!

Signature has released their first CD…”Take Flight”

After three years of music-making, months of recording, and the generous donations of family and friends…

Signature has released their first album, “Take Flight!”

We are so proud of the final product and we cannot wait to share it with you! For purchasing details, please visit our Album page!

Thank you so much for your support! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Let the Pre-sales Begin!

Hello everyone! After a crazy busy 5 months of rehearsing, recording, re-recording, fundraising, editing, mixing, and mastering…

Signature A Cappella is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their first CD – “Take Flight”


We have had quite the year learning the ins and outs of the production process. Late nights and long weekends devoted to this CD have brought our members even closer together and tremendously strengthened our collective skill. We are so proud of the group we have become and the hard work which this CD represents!

The unbelievable support of our fans, friends, and families has made this CD a reality! Signature A Cappella was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by all those who invested in our CD. We appreciate each and every donation we received, and we thank you for helping us pursue our goal!

As you know, producing a CD is an extremely costly endeavor. In order to cover the remaining expenses of this CD, we are hoping to pre-sale the majority of our CDs to our biggest fans! This will provide us with the funds to complete payments for the final stages of production, and get this CD in your hands sooner upon its release in late September/early October, 2010! You will incur no additional costs by pre-ordering a CD, and Signature A Cappella will benefit significantly from receiving your order in advance!

If you are certain that you want to own Signature A Cappella’s CD, we hope that you will consider our pre-sale option!

We could not be happier with our final product and we cannot wait to share it with you all! If you would like to pre-order your very own copy of our CD, please contact us at signature@ucla.edu and we will send you an order form and further details!

Signature A Cappella would like to thank you, again, for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy our CD!

Help Signature Produce Their First CD!

After competing in ICCA’s, performing in countless community service and school spirit-based gigs on and off campus, and polishing our sound and repertoire over the past three years, Signature is finally ready to…


After our delicious end of the quarter dinner!

We are all so proud of the music we have created with Signature A Cappella and we would love to be able to share the product of our dedication to the group with our friends and family, especially those who are unable to make it to our performances.

As you can imagine, recording an album is a very expensive endeavor. The price includes recording, editing, mixing, equipment, licensing and packaging. It will cost our group approximately $9,000 to record and produce a quality CD suitable for distribution to all of our amazing fans.

Signature has been hard at work this past year raising money to achieve this goal. Our dedication to making this goal a reality is reflected in the $4,000 we have raised to date, the majority of which stemming from our recent tour in Northern California. However, we are still $5,000 away from the amount needed to produce this CD and therefore, are asking you to help our efforts by giving a tax-deductible donation to Signature A Cappella. Every dollar counts, so even a small donation would be beneficial to our group!

Signature cannot express how grateful we are for the continued support from our fans, friends, and family throughout this process. Recording a CD is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the majority of the current members will not get another chance to document their dedication to Signature and the musical creations they have mastered. We hope to complete the recording by the end of this spring and release the CD next fall. We absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all!

To make a donation through Paypal, simply direct it toward signatureacappella@gmail.com. If you would prefer to mail a check, email Signature at one of the email addresses on our Contact page for more information.






This truly means the world to us and we couldn’t do it without your generosity. We thank you so much for your time and consideration!