Newbies & New Beginnings!

The start of Signature’s 5th year has begun! And, the best year yet!

Signature at the Shore Hotel singing for Hulu!

First off, we are so excited to announce our new members for the 2011-2012 year:

Katie Behzadi (Alto 1)
Katie Booth (Soprano 2)
Shani Taylor-Keeling (Alto 2)
Tasha Wenger (Soprano 2)

Our newbies are absolutely amazing and we love them!!!

To kick off the year, we have had two amazing events so far:

First, we had so much fun performing at the Yorba Linda Public Library. We met some new fans and got to chat with some of you that we already know! Performing for such an amazing audience was a great start to the year and Signature cannot wait until we return to Yorba Linda in January!

Our second performance was at Hulu’s Company Event Party at the newly opened (and swanky) Shore Hotel in Santa Monica! We were absolutely honored to perform for the event and we were so pleased to hear that our music was the first a cappella music that most of them have ever heard, let alone danced to!!! It was also the first event in which our new girls got to perform! The night was a blast and Signature even got to participate in the fun activities at the event after our set including the photo booth (which we definitely enjoyed)!

We are full steam ahead and looking forward to a great year!

For more details on upcoming performances check out our Events page.

If you are looking to book Signature a Cappella for an event, please email!


2010-2011… A School Year to Remember!

Hello Signature fans!


Spring Quarter came and went in a blur! Although we’re sad to see it end, the 2011-2012 school year has brought so many amazing things for Signature… from retreats and festivals to recording and end-of-the-year concerts, this quarter was the perfect capstone to Signature’s best year yet! Here are some of the highlights:


Thanks to the amazing Leibovitch family we spent our Spring retreat poolside at their Northridge home. We loved our time there and spent most of it relaxing (by the pool!) and singing!


Out to dinner!

Musically, Signature began recording our second CD! we are so excited to embark on another recording project to be released in Spring of 2013! Signature had the opportunity to perform in countless gigs this quarter, on as well as off campus! Spring Quarter also brings some of our favorite annual gigs, including: CAF (California A Cappella Festival) at UCLA, CAFE (Coolest A Cappella Festival Ever) at UC Irvine, SOLTrain at CSU Northridge, and A Cappella Night at Calabasas High School. We loved getting the chance to perform in different venues and audiences and to get to know other talented a cappella groups!

Before performing a set for CAF, hosted at UCLA by Random Voices A Cappella.
After performing at CSUN Acasola's annual SOLTrain!
Our sisters at Calabasas High School -- Bare Rhythm A Cappella!


We were also thankful to have so many friends and family members at Signature’s last performance of the year, our Spring Concert. Our concert was super hero themed with costumes galore, entitled “Here to Save the World: Super Sigs!” We were accompanied by openers Michelle & Rus and Bare Rhythm A Cappella and our own Josephine Lyons created some hysterical concert videos that you can view on the righthand side of the screen! It was an amazing capstone to our year, as we recognized our “super fans,” up and coming arrangers, beatboxers, and leaders, as well as graduating Signature seniors. Thank you to those who came and supported us during this special performance!


Performing one of our favorite songs, "And So It Goes."
Laura and Elise C rock out to their duet on "Animal!"
Singing our Michael Jackson medley!
After the concert... Signature love, 2010-2011


Signature’s Spring Concert also marked the last performance for six of our senior members, four of which have been members since Signature’s inception: Brinda Ayer, Kelly Cory, Juliane Godfrey, Elise Shulman, Megan Siniscalchi and Laura Zdrowski. Although these graduating seniors are going into very different fields and future paths — from accounting to nursing to law, musical theater in New York or fighting for the environment in Washington D.C. — they will always be Siggies at heart!


Signature's graduating seniors (from left to right): Brinda, Elise S, Kelly, Megan, Juliane, & Laura

Even more memorable than the gigs or recording is the amazing memories and friendships we have made through Signature A Cappella this year. Our love for each other is what makes us the group that we are — and we know this love will only continue to grow! Here’s to 2010-2011, and hope for an even more amazing 2011-2012!

Some amazing newbs!

Who needs a date for Valentine's Day? Signature dinner at C&O's Restaurant on Feb 14!


Happy Summer from Signature! See you next Fall!

New Siggies!

Signature has selected their new members for the 2010-2011 school year4 nights and 15.5 hours of auditions and 88 auditionees has resulted in 5 amazing newbies!


Kidnapping one of our new members, Marjan, from the dorms after callbacks!


We are so proud and excited to introduce…

Marjan Goudarzi

Samantha Hagemeyer

Sarah Leibovitch

Gwenna McKee

Arianne Young


A celebratory feast for our new members!


These ladies are truly incredible and have already added so much to Signature with their enthusiasm, charisma, and amazing musical talent. We can’t wait for you to meet them! Thank you to all of our auditionees – we were so impressed by the amount of talent we saw this year and we hope to see you next year!



A toast to Signature 2010-2011 (with sparkling apple cider, that is!)


Signature has a ton in store for them this school year so stay tuned for more updates on performances and CD sales coming soon!!

Introducing… Signature A Cappella 2009-10!

This past week has been incredibly exciting for us! Since arriving back to school, we’ve been working hard to plan for a no-less-than-fabulous year. 11 hours/3 nights of auditions, one fabulously fun evening of callbacks, 70 auditionees (!!), 21 rounds of our “Diva Medley” (Lea and Elise calculated they sang the word “yeah” 228 times…) and one long night of tough decisions later…

Signature presents to you our 5 newbies for the upcoming school year:

Michelle Azurin
Elise Calonico
Josephine Lyons
Jessica Nicolet
Michelle Rice

…and boy, do we loooove them!

Signature A Cappella 2009-10!
Some of Signature A Cappella 2009-10!

We initiated them in by partying on Janss steps with some goods and some singing and dancing.  They got Siggy wit’ it, wit’ us. And that’s how we like it.

cake(If they don’t have the Siggy sweet tooth now…they will very soon! And P.S. The bottles are Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, people!)

Preparing for the newbies' arrival!
Preparing for the newbies' arrival!
Excited for our newbies to come!
Excited for our newbies to come!
Michelle gives Signature a thumbs up!
Michelle gives Signature a thumbs up!


Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned this year — we were amazed by all the talent we saw!

We love our new ladies and we’re confident you will too, so keep your eyes peeled for some awesome Signature sightings this year!